Leasing / Residential

Post Lease Services

Leasing an apartment/villa is just the beginning of the services provided by Synage. Real test for a consultant comes post leasing when the Tenant actually occupies the premises. A dedicated relationship manager is assigned to take care of your post leasing requirements.

Settling in Assistance: Post Lease assistance is as important as pre lease for Synage. We understand that any place whether new or old will certainly have teething problems initially, therefore we are there for your assistance and just a phone call away. Our dedicated relationship manager will also assist you for the following:

1. Pre-check Inventory: Ensuring that the all the equipments provided by the landlord are in order as committed. All electrical equipments to be thoroughly checked and ensured that they are in proper working condition.

2. Move-In Assistance: Any help required in settling your goods to the new place.

3. Gas Installation

4. Internet (WIFI) Installation

5. Domestic (maid) help

6. Cab Services

7. Area Look & see

8. Grocery shopping & Malls etc.

Maintenance of Apartment: Managing a home away from home can be a daunting task. Our team provides the necessary support for maintaining the apartment. We have maintenance contracts starting from minimum one month to entire tenure of the lease. The services can be outsourced to our company and we would ensure that your home is well taken care of & your problems are rectified as soon as possible.



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