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Pre-Lease Services

1. Being a good listener: Understanding client’s requirement clearly & at one go saves a lot of effort & time. We provide you key data/inputs for the area in order to remove ambiguity, if any & move ahead with home search.

2. Summary of Options: Having clearly listed parameters such as Budget, Location, Proximity to your office, unfurnished/furnished etc. we arrange for summary of options for your perusal along with the apartment pictures if possible.

3. Site visit: Our clients are accompanied by a dedicated relationship manager for the site visits for better understanding of complex & other facilities surrounding that area.

4. Shortlisting: We advise our clients to shortlist 2-3 properties in order of their preference for us to negotiate the best deal subject to availability & other conditions.

5. Legal documentation/Paperwork: Our job is to ensure that paperwork relating to ownership of the house is thoroughly checked & it’s free from all encumbrances before moving ahead with the Letter of Intent.

6. Negotiations: Having understood requirements from both tenant/landlord, we negotiate with either parties for mutually acceptable terms & conditions.

7. Letter Of Intent: We initiate a Letter of Intent from the Tenant to the Landlord covering commercials of the deal along with key terms & conditions forming basis of the Lease Agreement.

8. Signing of Lease: Our standard lease agreement is shared with both Tenant & Landlord for their approval/inputs along with the checklist of getting the Lease registered in the Sub-Registrars Office. The agreement is finalized to the satisfaction of both parties and signed with a mutually acceptable time frame.



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